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The Paternity Company specialises in DNA paternity tests along with a range of other DNA testing services. We offer accurate and conclusive results for all our paternity tests, performed in our very own accredited laboratory. The Paternity Company is one of Europe ‘s leading DNA test facilities.

There are few other companies in a better position to give you the peace of mind than The Paternity Company. DNA testing can be useful in many situations. Whether you would simply like to resolve any doubts you may have regarding paternity, resolve legal issues such as provision of maintenance payments for child support, custody of a child or adoption we have a range of DNA testing services.

Why Choose the Paternity Company?

Next Day Results as Standard

The Paternity Company offers next-day DNA test results as standard, making us one of the fastest DNA testing companies in the UK. Unlike some companies who outsource their testing to overseas labs, all of our tests are carried out in-house in our state-of-the-art UK laboratory. We also offer same-day test results for a small additional fee.

Nationwide Sample Collection Service

We employ a network of professional sample collectors who can meet you at your home or an address of your choice at a time that suits you. You can also visit one of our convenient walk-centres, located in major towns and cities throughout the UK. Your DNA sample will then be securely & discreetly transported back to our UK lab for testing.

Range of DNA Tests

As well as paternity testing, our scientists can carry out a number of other relationship tests. These include maternity testing, sibling testing, grandparent tests, aunt/uncle (avuncular) testing, twin (zygosity) tests and non-invasive prenatal DNA testing. Our lab and testing processes are ISO 17025 accredited – the internationally recognised standard for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

We also offer drug & alcohol testing services, used by employers and legal professionals and recognised by UK courts.

Legal DNA Testing

If you need a DNA test for an official purpose, we offer a highly cost-effective legal DNA testing packing. With a legal test, all DNA samples must be collected by a professional sample collector or a medical professional such as a doctor. Our legal DNA testing service is approved by the Ministry of Justice and trusted by solicitors, social workers and immigration lawyers.

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About Us

The Paternity Company conducts its business in a secure and confidential manner and strictly adheres the industry’s voluntary Code of Practice and Guidance on Genetic Paternity Testing Services. Our systems and processes are accredited to the standards of ISO 9001:2000 which guarantees the quality of how we manage the test results of our clients. This ensures the quality and confidentiality of our work from your initial enquiry through to reporting of results. The results of our legal DNA tests are admissible as evidence in UK Courts of Law.

  • We work hard to offer the best value DNA and drug testing
  • We invest our people and in new technology, and strive to maintain our position as one of Europe‚Äôs leading laboratories
  • We maintain complete professionalism & confidentiality to ensure trust and integrity with our client’s information
  • We instil trust and pride in our team which is reflected in the outstanding work that we deliver

Using the latest technology in our accredited lab, we work to ensure accuracy, reliability and integrity for each and every case, supported by our confidential customer services department and overseen by our highly trained technical staff.

Queen's Award for Enterprise
Ministry of Justice
ISO 9001 Accredited
ISO 17025 Accredited
The Equality Register

Frequently Asked Questions

DNA identification is the most precise and definitive method available for determining parentage. Everyone is born with their own genetic blueprint known as DNA. Because DNA is passed down from mother and father to child, DNA identification provides a conclusive way to determine biological relationships. Consequently, DNA typing has become the most accepted method of proving (or discounting) a family relationship.
The two tests are treated identically at the laboratory and during the testing phase of the process. The main differences rests in the method used to collect the DNA sample. In the instance of a Legal test, the DNA must be collected by a trained sample collector or a medical professional.
Samples of DNA can be used to establish whether individuals are related. The test will either:

Prove 100 per cent that the person is not a relation or parent of the child; or

Show a 99.99 per cent probability that they are a relation or parent of the child.
DNA paternity testing can be performed on a wide variety of samples including cheek cells, tissue samples, blood cells and semen. Every person's DNA is unique (except for identical twins).

DNA is the genetic material in the cells of your body. Every nucleated cell has 46 chromosomes, except the sperm and the egg which contain 23 chromosomes each. At the moment of conception they join together to start creating a person. Therefore each human being receives half of their genetic material (DNA) from the biological mother, and the other half from the biological father.

To do the test, DNA is extracted from the buccal (cheek) cells from inside the mouth. Enzymes are used to cut the DNA sample into fragments which are then placed into a gel. An electric current is used to drive the fragments across the gel - the smallest of which move the farthest. The separated DNA fragments are transferred to a nylon membrane which reveals black bands where the probes are bound to the DNA. The visible band pattern of the child is unique - half matches the mother and half matches the father. The process is repeated several times to provide a certainty greater than 99.99% that there is a paternal relationship with the child.
Testing can be performed on a child of any age after birth. Using mouth swabs as instead of needles for blood samples makes the testing of children safe and painless.

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Our paternity testing services are fulfilled by AlphaBiolabs – an award-winning, ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory based in Warrington, UK.
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